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Special Injections containing proteins produced by the Clostridium bacteria are widely used for various medical reasons including hyperhidrosis,wrinkle treatments and anti aging treatments


When these chemicals are injected into the skin, they block the action of the nerves that supply the sweat glands, thus preventing them from producing sweat.


These injections are very useful in treating sweating conditions and have been in use for over 30 years in Australia for a variety of medical conditions, so we have a lot of experience in how to use these injections when people request treatment for excessive sweating.


Anti sweating injections can be used for underarms,hands,face and feet.

botox for sweating

This injection is commonly used for a variety of medical conditions in Australia and is widely known by its trade name.

Small quantities of the product are injected into the skin of the affected area be that the armpits, face or palms.

This product blocks the action of the sweat glands. On average, you will notice a reduction in sweating 3-7 days following treatment. Most people notice a slow return to sweating approximately 6-7 months following treatment.


If you decide to stop treatment there will be no lasting change in the areas treated. Sweating will gradually return to the level it was prior to treatment.


Patients may rarely report slight muscle weakness when the injections are used in the hands. This usually lasts 2-3 weeks.


Dr Patel has been specializing in the use of anti- sweating injections for over 10 years. He is extremely experienced in treating hyperhidrosis and will be able to help you stop sweating no matter how bad you feel your sweating problem is.

excessive sweating

We can't name the drug (TGA prohibits advertising prescription medicines).
Visit the Allergan website to read about it.

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