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Dr Patel Hyperhidrosis Institute Clinic

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Testimonials

Hello Dr Patel I just wanted to let you know that the treatment you did for my daughter DG for her palm sweating was fantastic, she had it done approximately 3 weeks ago and from the first couple of days her hand has not sweated at all, she is very pleased with the treatment. She can now continue her digital media course at TAFE with confidence, and her confidence level in her general life has soared, this has been a very worthwhile treatment, thank you very much, we really appreciate it.

Kind Regards Nadia G


Hi Dr Patel, Sorry for the delay but I have just gotten around to writing the testimony statement I said I would. Having suffered from excessive (and I mean literally dripping) sweating from my hands and feet since early adolescence I can't even begin to explain the relief and freedom that being treated by Dr Patel has brought me. I receive treatment for my hands approximately once a year and for such a small procedure I am always amazed by such big results. The best way I can put it is that I actually forget that I suffer from the condition which as anyone who shares the experience knows, speaks volumes. Interestingly also, by having only my hands treated, the problem is reduced in my feet by about 50%. I don’t usually bother having the anesthetic, as the procedure is much quicker and easier without it. Plus a little discomfort in exchange for a year’s relief from hyperhidrosis seems a small price to pay! The staff there is friendly and make you feel really comfortable and Dr Patel is really thorough in making sure that the treatment is effective. This really has been a life changing experience for me. I can't remember if you usually put the names underneath but I am fine to have my first name and age (27) but not my surname. My hands are going great only 7 days in, thanks so much. See you in about 11 months!

Kind regards, Kristy 

Hi Dr Patel, this has been a long time coming but am finally going to give you something you can add to your website! I plan on coming soon to get my underarms treated again just need to save up the pennies! I never did find out how to claim this through the Medicare safety net. If you are able to enlighten me am all ears.. thanks!!Hi this is a message for everyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis..... I have always suffered from hyperhidrosis, it took me a long time to know that it was actually a condition with a name though. I always thought I just sweated worse than everyone else and there wasnt anything I could do? I eventually started asking questions to a doctor and next thing you know I was being booked in for a sympathectomy. Now to me this sounded great the doctor was telling me how it will virtually stop all the extra sweating I currently have and I will be like everyone else.... Wrong.... You see they really down played the whole compensatory sweating thing, I was told I would possibly get some but it would be very minor and I would be much better off than I currently was.... Wrong.... After the operation I estimate my condition to be 5-10 times worse than it was previous. I was a lot more clued up about it now I had read about all sorts of things I could have tried to help live with the condition and minimize its effect on my life. My main problem initially was with underarm sweating, If I knew what I knew now about different treatments, what works a bit, what doesn’t work and what does work. If I had known that back then I would be a much happier person today and would not have gone through a painful operation (such as a sympathectomy)that led me to sweat buckets from all parts of my body! I really do recommend giving this a try if you are an excessive sweater, its not a cure, but it can give you some freedom back that you have been without until now. Hopefully one day the condition will be recognized and some funding put towards finding a cure for a condition so many people suffer in silence with. 



Hey Dr,

Just wanna let you that it worked. to be honest with you I didn`t expect such result, so I`m surprised because two days after what you did my armpit`s problem was resolved and I don`t even see a drop which is wonderful. so thanks very much and I`ll see you later


Dear Dr Patel

It's Katrina W, i had the injections in my hands in October.I would just like to say thank you for the fantastic job you did. I was able to do my HSC with confidence, allowing myself to recieve great results -reflecting the positive change the operation has had in my (sweat free) life:) Only lately have i felt it wear off. I am extremely pleased with the duration and the positive change the injection has had -so thank you. See you again


Good morning Dr Patel,

Over a month ago I visited you for hyperhidrosis in the under-arm area.  Wow, what a difference!  I’ve been waiting to email you until after a wedding I went to recently – that was the ‘test’ for me to see if it had worked.  And it most certainly has!  Right now I’m sitting in a pink sweater that I would never have been able to wear for fear of the tell-tale signs of the nasty hyperhidrosis.  I don’t have to fear simple things like raising my arm to wave hello to someone, flick a piece of hair out of my face or even dance like a crazy thing!  It was quite a liberating night and it really affected the way I mixed with people – I was more relaxed and far less self-conscious.  Thank you so much for giving me a little more confidence and control back in my life.  This will certainly improve my quality of life. After a small rash that lasted for about 4 days and a slight cold  things come right about a 1 week after getting it done.  I still get a bit damp if I’ve got an increased heart rate (ie at the gym) but nothing like the panic of having done nothing and still getting the damp patches.  What a liberating feeling!Thank you once again- it’s definitely worth the money!Kind regards,



Dear Dr Patel,

It's Georgia (surname withheld)just emailing you to tell you how my hands are going after the injections around four weeks ago. After a few days the sweating decreased dramatically and now they hardly ever sweat at all, at least nothing like they used to. I am now able to moisturise my hands, confidently hold and shake hands when out, hold a pen without it slipping out of my hand or leaving sweat marks on the paper, exercise without having to constantly wipe my hands, but mainly not feel so insecure about undergoing simple everyday things. I don't worry about my hands becoming sweaty now and I feel happy that this is not a bothering problem for me anymore. These injections has really helped with my confidence and made me feel a lot more relaxed. Thank you so much for your help and expertise, the injections have really helped and been a great success. Life changing! Thanks again, Georgia.

Hi Dr Patel,

I was treated by you for hyperhidrosis in the under-arm area on Thursday, and I thought you might like to know that I felt completely dry by Saturday morning, and I feel like a new woman! It's so refreshing to feel dry after over 10 years of under-arm wetness, and to have the freedom to wear any type of clothing material, in any colour! I wore a favorite red blouse on the weekend that previously I was only ever able to wear with a cardigan or jacket over the top to cover the wetness.Thanks for changing my life!Kind Regards, Jody

Thursday 13th August 2009Hello Dr Patel,Hope you are well. This is just a short note to say thank you very much for the recent procedure on my hands for HH. After about 4 days, the sweating reduced greatly. Now they only sweat minimally. I can confirm that the sweating is reduced by around 80% as we discussed. It has truly made a difference in my life.I thank you again for a smooth procedure, and I will certainly recommend this to anyone else suffering from Hyperhidrosis.I will make an appointment to see you again when the treatment wears off.All the best,


Hi there,

I visited you about one month ago to have some injections in my scalp and hairline. You had mentioned that it could be good to give you an update as to the effectiveness of the treatment.

I have spoken publically about 4 times (once for 45 mins) and have been involved in reasonably strenuous work  5-6 times since the treatment.

Notwithstanding the fact that it is the middle of winter, I have noticed a marked improvement in my craniofacial sweating. In fact I have only felt sweat in the regions (upper scalp) that were treated once. This was mild and after 1 hours physical pack up work at 1pm on a reasonably warm day. I have felt no sweat on the sides of my hair (previously the worst area) and have noticed that my daughter Hannah (who suffers in the same area too) has had sweat on a few occasions when in the same room as me.

Thank you for your help. The treatment seems to have been a real success.

I will be in touch in six months for the next treatment.

Warmest regards,

Andrew E


Dear Dr Patel,

I received the sweating injection treatment for my hands on Friday 5th June 2009. Firstly, I would like to give you some feedback about how the procedure has worked out for me. I was quite nervous about the procedure but your professional and caring manner throughout the procedure put me completely at ease, thank you. I am so pleased to advise that I am extremely happy with the results. I have started a new job which is always quite a stressful experience but have not experienced the unbearable amount of perspiration that I would usually have to endure. My hands have become a little sweaty a couple of times however it has been minor and they have dried up quite quickly, its amusing for me to imagine that this is the 'normal' type of sweating that most people must have when they are nervous. I have also had the pleasure to experience a couple of things for the first time in my life: I have been able to shake hands (frequently) with confidence I haven't had to constantly worry about having a hanky in my hand to mop up with I have found that as I know I am not going to have dripping wet hands I am much less stressed resulting in the rest of my body remaining cool and dry I can use hand cream You really have changed my life and I am extremely grateful that I found you and underwent the treatment.Thanks & kind regards,

Angela  M


Hello Dr Patel

I am unable to keep the appointment with you on Wednesday 17 June and wanted to give you an update on how the treatment went.

I am very excited to let you know that the treatment is working very well. I am not sweating at all(from my hands) and am very satisfied with the result.

I would like to thank you again for all the time you spent with me and again for the fantastic result. I will see you again when I need further treatment.

Once again, thank you - it has really changed my life

yours sincerely

Melanie C

Dear Doctor Patel,

Just a quick note to thank you and let you know how my hands are doing. I am very happy with the result so far, and I'm aware you mentioned it could take 5 days but my hand have not broken a sweat yet, no matter how hard I try make them. There are no numbness nor swellings.Extremely happy how smoothly everything went, although I have no clue what was going on during the actual procedure. Honestly you had exceeded my expectations, it had felt like the whole thing just took 3 minutes.I will keep you posted regarding my hands over the next few month, and am considering my feet to be done sometime soon.Once again I thank you for a swift, quick and 'happy' procedure.Speak to you soon.Alec.


Dear Dr. Bhagyesh,

A little over 2 weeks ago you treated me for hyperhidrosis of the face. I was the guy who you saw and treated less than an hour later, due to my requirement to return to the UAE a couple of days after that.I am pleased to say that I am so far very satisfied with the results of the treatment. While it has certainly not stopped the HH, I never expected that it would, nor did you ever suggest it would stop completely. What it has done is significantly reduced the frequency and severity of the HH episodes I had on my face. Most importantly of all, it has almost completely stopped the anxiety effects I would have. The biggest achievement of the treatment is not so much the physical arrest of the sweating on my forehead, but breaking the vicious cycle of sweat > anxiety > more sweat > more anxiety. I know that it’s working because I still get the “hot flash” which would always precede HH episodes, just not nearly as much sweating (I do still get a “sheen” but not “dripping sweat”). Before, I would start sweating on my forehead, which would lead me to become anxious because I knew people could see I was sweating profusely, which would then cause the sweating to really start hammering down my face. The only way to get it to stop was to control the anxiety which is a really difficult thing to do when you’re literally dripping with sweat and supposed to be presentable! I do still sweat profusely on my face in certain occasions, but mostly on my upper lip and in the cavity surrounding my eyes. This is not nearly as noticeable or distressing, and because of that, I don’t get nearly as anxious and so the frequency and severity of sweating episodes is much less. Also, when you consider that I spend a lot of my time in temps between 35-45, it is quite incredible as most non-sufferers have facial sweating even after a few minutes in this type of heat.Overall, I am very happy and will absolutely continue with the treatments as they are required. I should note that I really did not see any improvement in the sweating until about 14 days into the treatment, even though the other effects of the injections started after only 4 days.Thanks again,

Andrew. F


Doc,As promised just a quick email to let you know that my life has completely changed.My underarm sweating has completely ceased giving me a whole new outlook on life. I have a whole new wardrobe with shirts of all colours, not just the standard black or white.I cant believe how long and how much energy I spent wasted on trying to hide my embarrassment when the solution was so simple.I would only be too happy to be used as a reference for any patients you have that are not convinced this will work.Many many thanks,Matthew RErskineville NSW 2043


Hi Dr. Patel:

I received my treatment for under my arms on Thurs, 23rd of  November. After I noticed I wasn’t sweating as much and them within 3 days I had stopped sweating altogether! I am thrilled by how successful this treatment is. It’s so wonderful to enjoy the freedom of being able to wear whatever I want now-including cotton and bright colours!It is so comfortable not to go out and not be worrying about sweating. On a very hot day I noticed I was clammy, but that was fine, as it no longer drips like a tap. This has given me back my life, freedom and confidence. Thanks so much Dr. Patel.Please feel free to use my correspondence as a testimonial if you wish.I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Thanks again.

Regards, Erik


Dear Dr Patel

I want to thank you for changing my life! It's hard to describe how wonderful it now feels to move around (or just sit) without the inconvenience of a wet shirt. No more cover ups, no more embarrassment ... just a new found freedom thanks to your treatment last friday. It took about 24 hours to become 'dry', with no adverse side effects whatsoever.  Hope I don't have to see you for a while (!), but I do want you to know how appreciative I am of your great work.regards and best wishes 

Mr.G.HOctober 2008---



Hi Dr Patel,I received hyperhidrosis treatment on my forehead, nose and upper hairline from you two weeks ago and just wanted to let you know that it's all going well. I would say that sweating on my forehead and nose is about 98% improvement and about 95% improvement on my hairline. It's really incredible! The only thing is that my forehead above my eyebrows has really frozen as a result so I think next treatment I would probably draw a line above the entire eyebrow region rather than just at the corners - I realise now that the area that you avoided on the corner of my eyebrows really doesn't sweat that much, and if there is any sweat then it doesn't matter that much given the rest of my forehead is virtually sweat free. All things considered though I am really happy and so thankful to finally find a doctor who was able and willing to treat this condition, it really is life changing!

Regards,Ms L.B


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